Jesus on the Moon Puyallup, Washington

Jesus on the Moon is a collection of lo-fi songs I've been recording in basements, garages, and bedrooms since 2005. Recently, Derek Reed joined the ranks and, with the help of a drum machine, we've started to bring the songs to the stage.

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Track Name: Wake
I have just one request
Before it's too late
I want you to send me out to sea
I know it's hard to let go

Lay me down to rest
In a small wooden boat
Light the fuse
And push me off

You know what you have to do
Get a gallon of gasoline
Light up the night sky
Of Lake Michigan with my remains

Sing a hymn for me
And for no one else
That's never been sung before
About all the monsters I've killed

Track Name: Living Room
Oh to be but a memory
Floating with ease
Silver sails furled to the wind
Nothing without end
A day of discovery
Over and over
If there were only another
First time for everything

I can't find enough space in mind
To call my own
My specters are in silver bloom
They rot on the vine
Unused metaphors on the floor
And in the living room
Our empty voices carry like
Diseases without names
Track Name: Familiar
I'm going to pin you up
There'll be plenty of time
To confess our strangeness
It's all come to a head
I can't be read

I've come so far
That I can't tell you from
A memory so empty
Where I like you best
Standing there

And it's not so hard to see so clearly
You and me just standing there
At our Sunday best

Familiar as a shadow of doubt
Familiar in the blazes of mankind
Familiar is a suit I used to own
Familiar as the day you were born

I can't tell what's me
When you linger intently

Familiar as a moment passed too soon
Familiar as a face in a dream
Familiar is what we can't stand alone
Track Name: Lost in the Promised
Well I don't have
The words to spare
Your hands held out
Will strike us down

We don't come and go without
Nothing to give but a single shit
What to do when you're all alone
Lost in the promised land

Kings and queens have lost their keys
Upside down their pointed crown


We don't come and go
Track Name: Proletariat Rock
It's just you and me
And the skeletons
In the clown tree
We're upside down
When the suits walk in
Check my grin

You and I are on the fritz
Rosetta stoned we speak like this
It's a better way

We're passing through space
With a new attitude
It's true
Bang bang bang bang
We're the cosmic crew
And we're coming through

You and I are on the fritz
Rosetta stoned we speak like this
It's a better way
Track Name: Technicolor Jerks
Shot on sight
The electric eye is not quite right
And who do you put your faith in
The technicolor jerks
Your gods made of light
They get all the glory
While I stand here buried
In my memories

Another silver dream
Meant for you and me
The technicolor jerks
Another memory made up entirely
Of technicolor jerks

Cast a call
To the wilderness of the past
Our electric minds are on
The technicolor jerks
Look away but the screen is burned inside
The traces leave you blind
To your memories


Another silver dream
Meant for you and me
Another memory
Made up entirely
Another reverie
To fall into so sweetly
Another empty seat
Where I used to be

Track Name: So Be Kind, Kid
Your sad little prince show
It's all a flash and a dance and a surface and a show
And your talents are like dogs on the run who ain't got no one
You're up so late looking for another heart to break
It's a neon blowjob
You couldn't find no one so you'll settle for some fun

Vespa tend the flames
So they burn a little brighter, they burn a little brighter
And we'll carry on through to the other side of tonight
And we'll hate all of those
Complacent faces who hate their own blazes
But don't forget about
Your simple fear and your complicated doubt

And you never know
No you never ever know
Just how it goes
So be kind, kid, to the ones you know

It's all right
I don't mind
It's all right
Stop on by
It's all right
If you cry

Here we are again
It's another perfect end to another perfect trend
And you cut to the quick
But I'm not so quick to forgive or forget
Your psychedelic pad has got me uneasy
Just a little queasy
And I know it's a shame
I'm falling down lame
Into some kind of tame

Track Name: Le Grand K
I can't find my frame
Or what passes for sane
Without a Grand K
To point out the way

What is an echo
With nothing to bounce off
Weightless and on its own

I'll be your scale, be your scale
If you be my Grand K

What is a looking glass without its little frame
What is eternity without a second hand
Track Name: Sneaking Suspicion
A key and a lock under my nose
Gather the edges of your skirt
We'll walk to the gates of dawn
Through a field of broken glass

Listless and lingering
The banshees of night
The witching hour is drawn high
Cringe and crow you capture my sight
Your optics cut and slice
With terror and might

I've got the time to kill
So won't you come and stay tonight
We'll hide from all of our
Little watchful eyes

Your traces from the night before
Linger on my every word
How it drones into the void
And even then I find you out


I've got a little sneaking suspicion
Track Name: Heart Machine
Probe into the thickness
Peel the night away
Look deep inside
This voyeuristic dream

Our children will come back
Like old and broken hearts
When they've grown tired
Of the truths they told themselves
Don't ask me how it all works out
Broken promises rust in the front yard
Love's a machine I will never know
Whatever happened to the ones I used to know
Whatever happened to the places we'd go
An angel with broken wings
Will fly away again on day

Your heart machine's got the gangrene

Probe into the thickness
Peel the night away
Look deep inside
This voyeuristic dream
Our children will come back
Like old and broken yearts
When they've grown tired
Of the truths they told themselves

Track Name: Sooner or Later
Sooner or Later

Our dollar bin friends
Will not make amends
They come and they go in the night
They ebb and they flow out of sight

Open your eyes and see
The simple sunshine so brightly
Truth is what you want it to be someday
Will never happen so
Listen to me

Sooner or later
It'll get you down

Virgin Mary figurines
Bleached white so serene
Waiting around downtown
For the last trumpet to sound

Track Name: Barnacles
We'll sail these seven sinful seas
Stars hang from this shouting gallery

You've got a funny way to keep my thoughts at bay
I didn't understand it then
Two ships passing in the night

Stuck to this ghostly ship like two barnacles
In all this darkness a miracle

Now and then these hands grow so weary
When the silence all floats along so clearly