by Jesus on the Moon

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released January 4, 2015




Jesus on the Moon Puyallup, Washington

Jesus on the Moon is a collection of lo-fi songs I've been recording in basements, garages, and bedrooms since 2005. Recently, Derek Reed joined the ranks and, with the help of a drum machine, we've started to bring the songs to the stage.

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Track Name: My Pet Psychosis
Greasy soul traps and vats of despair
Discount art hop voodoo bins
Hari-kiri haberdashers dash in the air
And open up their grin for sale
Phony misers one and all
It's such a lousy racket
My pet psychosis

Your stillborn astronauts are tied in knots
Tangled cords choke their thoughts away
Etch-a-sketch artistry the latest phase
A telepathic infomercial
Molten penny thoughts in the well
A lost and drunken Moses
My pet psychosis

You have come and broken up the water
Stay a while read the file
The truth be sold

Woke up wondering where it all went wrong
Your altercated acrobats swing along
Silver friends are fiends in need
The season for reason has passed
Your IQ has better things to do
Than mess with you it's true my dear

The truth be sold
Track Name: Awkward Zoo
I don't think your hyper mask is comforting
Constantly agreeing has made you grow thing

Cycle through your haggard zoo
For awkward reasons you are true

Aim above Orion's Belt
Sing for me

Cycle through your awkward zoo
For haggard reasons

Think again
Drink the gin
Track Name: What Say You
I don't know where you go
What say you
In the middle of the night
What say you
Harmonies down inside
Deep down where it resides
Follow me to the edge of the cliff
Look down into the myth

What say you

Fast asleep in the tunnel of things
What say you
Cavernous as it may seem
What say you
Farther on that you can dream
It's too ridiculous to be seen
Fathoms are up in arms
Carry on now it can't be far

Carry on now it can't be far
You don't know how lucky you are
Carry on now it can't be far
You don't know how lucky you are
Track Name: Howitzer Shuffle
Alarm's going off
Time to wake up
Can't find no traction in this world
No need for thought crime
No need to pay mind
But it's a price that we're willing to pay
The men are yearning
The witches burning
If she burns up it must have been her fault
You're such a rebel
You drink your Red Bull
It moves so fast and you don't wanna miss a thing

Too blank to care
The drones are in despair
What do we got to keep them in line
Tune in and turn on yeah
Gotta gotta get the sen- sensation
Another sacrifice
Another dab'll do ya
Take two and call me in the morning
Now you're dancing to
A new kind of beat
The howitzers all shuffle and slide
Track Name: Thermodynamical
I am alive and well
You can't see me now rising up underneath your swell
Can't you tell can't you tell
Can't you spell a thing by any other name
It's a dying kind of game uh huh

You favor your dark and languid shapes all over me
I'll scatter your beams on an abstract plane with no way home

The cooling off time is now
A character so thermodynamical and magical
Our small talk has grown so very drastic
And your sex ray beams are a razzle and a dazzle

Any other name
Razzle dazzle
Track Name: Venetian Festivals
Saddle up for the coming of age
Stuck in this no name haze
The innocents are stacking away their days
The gunboats all carry a distant flag

Kaleidoscopic antiquities for you and me
Each shop glistens eternally
Like a city on a hillside retreat
Somewhere in distant memory

Our space and time never seem in sync
But I'll count on you my missing link
Remember organs long extinct
So they sparkle up like strung out Christmas
Track Name: Kingdom Come
In the land of kingdom come
My science is hard to grope
Nothing left to plot your face

In the land of kingdom come
The light is getting brighter
A horizon in your eyes
Always around the next bend

I used to be like you
Now the day is through
In the land of kingdom come
I used to be like you
Now the day is through
In the land of...