Originally by Public Image Ltd., Johnny Lydon's post-Sex Pistols band. The first two albums by PiL, before Johnny kicked out Jah Wobble, were amazing--I've always enjoyed them more than Never Mind the Bollocks. This song is one of my favorite covers to do live.


Ego-maniac traitor
You never did understand
You fell in love with your ego
It did not fit into plan

Low Life

Your alter-ego is a moron
30 years too late
No closet is private
Can see the crack in your face

Low Life

Bourgeois Anarchist
I read you despise us
Always hurt the one you love
Shit in a drain

Low Life

Ego-maniac traitor
You are a fool to yourself
You lie to be distant
Ignorant selfish


from Secondhand Living, released November 26, 2016




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Jesus on the Moon Puyallup, Washington

Jesus on the Moon is a collection of lo-fi songs I've been recording in basements, garages, and bedrooms since 2005. Recently, Derek Reed joined the ranks and, with the help of a drum machine, we've started to bring the songs to the stage.

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