by Jesus on the Moon

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released October 2, 2016




Jesus on the Moon Puyallup, Washington

Jesus on the Moon is a collection of lo-fi songs I've been recording in basements, garages, and bedrooms since 2005. Recently, Derek Reed joined the ranks and, with the help of a drum machine, we've started to bring the songs to the stage.

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Track Name: Through to You
I don't know what to do
To get through to you
Doesn't matter what I say
You won't believe me anyway

Can't understand a thing you do
Translate your bitter proofs
My mind is old and gray
Can your thoughts come out and play

I can't get through to you
Track Name: Your Tomorrow Brain
In a different kind of light
Your shades and symbols are askew
Empty smiles in the dark
Dissipating as you start
I find absolutes in the deepest in kinds of wells

The terminals are ill
Potentials charging up
Arcing across the night of
Your tomorrow brain
Track Name: Tone Arm
I play this guitar
On this stage of failure
To an empty room

Alone in plain sight
It ain't quite right
Unknown in this passion play

These sounds echo
And die alone
Meanwhile the domes are full of drones
Track Name: Panoptic
All hail the all-seeing eye
A TV camera stationed in the sky
Everyone is acting all the time
And we're all just waiting for our big break

We're all doomed to act in this passion play
Noses pressed to the glass, it's a gas
Fantasies for sale, the private made public
Who can deny these casket lies

Panoptic eyes
Can't see behind the guise
Panoptic eyes
Hidden in plain sight

Stations broadcasting
On a lonely frequency
Telescopes pointed upward
Looking for a sign
Track Name: It Comes and Goes
Passions fading
Ashen gray
Only waiting
It comes and goes

Your crystal face
It shatters one way
But not in reverse
It comes and goes
Track Name: Head Wound Mandate
Alarm goes off
Coffee's on the stove
This deadly routine

Laced in lead
Lay my head to rest
Echoes of a dream
A bullet in the brain

A copier is broke
A traffic jam
A record skips

Standing in your shadow
This darkening hour
You've got a head wound mandate

A morning like any other
Track Name: Fault Lines
Don't know where the fault lies
Deep beneath the ground
Our plates all crack and groan
The heat is intense
Forces beyond our control
Force my hand
This tectonic game
It wears me thin

What lies beneath
At first unseen
Fault lines increase

The drunken architects
Have set it all in stone
We have our roles to play
Our characters break
This broken continent
With its jagged teeth
It rubs you the wrong way
Track Name: The Last Inch
What you've got left to give
Nothing left but an empty sieve
Time flows through your iron heart
Can't wait for the infinite part

Back broken digging our graves
A hole where I used to be
Shadowboxing your imagined foe
Look out the cave and then you'll know

Unlock the prison door
Your mental shapes fit the lock
To this shared delusion
I bend this dreamtime

They've taken everything
But the last inch