by Jesus on the Moon

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released February 27, 2016

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Jake Frye




Jesus on the Moon Puyallup, Washington

Jesus on the Moon is a collection of lo-fi songs I've been recording in basements, garages, and bedrooms since 2005. Recently, Derek Reed joined the ranks and, with the help of a drum machine, we've started to bring the songs to the stage.

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Track Name: We Black Sheep
This stygian sea swallows us whole
Save our souls
Save our souls
We black sheep are tossed and turned away
The white whale circles and waits down below

Apocalypse from your lips
It's all you ever you say
Track Name: Borderland
I can't find a way back home again, home again
The roads are dark and still
Memories and patterns fill
Waves lapping at my feet
I'm standing at the edge
A stranger in a strange land
Many thoughts, broken thoughts

In the borderlands where east meets the west
The gods are peaking through their crimson velvet veils
Star crossed and sapphire, the celestials are burning bright
The scroll unfurls and I'm looking for my name

In the borderland
In the borderland
Track Name: East Hall
Snowflaks are drifting down over a dark and silent town
We peer into this secret symmetry

A brown bag and a crystal silence
Legs dangling over the abyss
We three statues
Stoned seers with masked fears

Snowflakes are drifting down over a dark and silent town
Snowflakes are drifting down over a dark and silent town
Track Name: Mystery State
A house in clapboard white
Is shrouded in the mist
The cars all clamor by
Tracing pictures inside

My inner stranger rises up
Into the phantom plane
This body of memories
Has given birth to me

Drifting through the air
I take flight into the mirror world
Down below a lake
I plunge into its mystery state
Track Name: Inbetween
Radio flyer can take me high
Can take me high into the sky
Waves washing over me
And filling in the in-betweens

Your tape head is echoing this stereo mystery
Cannibals on a mindless stage
Dismantle this mental freeze

Transmission energy
The atoms all crackling
The crystal cave is clear
I stumble into this light
Track Name: Pomona
Simple thoughts float on a carnal seem
This endless dream
Coming over next to me
Carried on a windless breeze

Many lights all arcing through the night
Till up is down and left is right
We pull against the force of our gravity
Blend you into me

I found no reason in this endless season
Track Name: Fruited Plains
Driving across the fruited plains
The landscape is scrolling past
Redefining our sense of scale
Our dreams bursting through their frames

Can't message or a meaning in all this purpleness
Freight trains are coasting along to God knows where, God knows where